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The Incident Page Network is a service that provides notification of working police, fire and rescue incidents from throughout the United States, Canada and Australia in real time as they are happening.

HOW DOES IPN WORK? IPN has dispatchers from all over the United States, Canada and Australia who monitor police and fire department radio traffic and send out notifications as incidents are happening. When an incident is sent out for an area you have subscribed to, you will receive the notification immediately through your wireless device. You have total control over what you receive and when you receive it (more on that below), and you can change your settings any time right here on our web site.

WHO SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO IPN? IPN incident alerts are used by everyone from scanner enthusiasts and fire buffs who want to keep up with the action in their area, to the U.S. federal government. Our diverse membership includes firefighters, police officers, members of the news media, public insurance adjusters, disaster recovery and restoration services, Red Cross and Salvation Army volunteers and regular citizens who want to stay informed.

WHAT TYPES OF INCIDENTS WILL I BE NOTIFIED ABOUT? The IPN dispatch team sends out alerts on newsworthy police, fire and rescue incidents once an incident is confirmed by a public safety professional on the scene. Such incidents include working structure fires, major traffic accidents, SWAT team call-outs, search & rescue operations, plane crashes and more.

CAN I CONTROL WHAT TYPES OF INCIDENTS I RECEIVE? Yes. IPN is the only incident notification service that gives you complete control over not only the types of incidents you receive, but the cities/counties you receive them from and the time of day that alerts are sent to you. You can log into your IPN account at any time and modify your settings, and all changes take effect immediately.

DOES IPN OFFER ALPHA PAGING SERVICE? Yes. IPN offers several models of pagers, starting at just $49.95. Monthly service starts at just $24.95 per month, which includes your IPN membership. To order an IPN pager, click here.

DO I HAVE TO PURCHASE A PAGER FROM IPN? No. IPN notifications can be sent to any text-enabled wireless device, including 2-way pagers, cell phones and PDA's. If you are not sure if your device is text-enabled, simply contact your wireless carrier.

DO I NEED TO USE A CREDIT CARD? Yes. In order to subscribe to IPN you will need a valid credit or debit/check card issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Direct billing is available for corporate accounts who meet minimum subscription requirements. If you would like more information on setting up a corporate account, please click here to contact us.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click here to go to our subscription page, and complete the requested information. During the subscription process you will be given the option to receive alerts on your wireless device or to purchase an IPN pager.